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NSFW / Not Safe for Anyone.

Hey! Welcome to my webpage. I write about writing about speculative fiction (fantasy / gothic / sci-fi), plus other stuff. It’s super meta funtimes.


I’m not an expert on writing or getting published; I will never claim that this blog is the definitive resource for writers. It’s just full of some of my thoughts about the universe and how to write words inside of it.


Also I have two cats and I’m occasionally funny. Enjoy!

August 2017: A Semi-Monthly Update

In May, I wrote about how I'm "still cooking," and how this applied to my move to Asheville, NC. I can now ecstatically report that hubby and I made it safely to our new apartment. I've been crafting my wee fingers off in order to decorate our new, bigger space; see...

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May Updates

"You know when you see a photograph of someone you know, but it's from years before you knew them?" — Val Josephine (@Valsephine) May 1, 2017 "It's like they're not quite finished; they're not done yet." — Val Josephine (@Valsephine) May 1, 2017 Or, in other Doctory...

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VAL 101: Intro to Me

I am an expert on nothing, and I am not beginning this blog as an authority on anything, or even as a conglomeration of other people’s writing tips. Sometimes I’ll write about writing about speculative fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, and gothic/horror); sometimes I’ll write about how the universe looks from my tiny, insignificant little corner of perspective. Mostly I’ll just write.

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