I’m a millennial with simple ambitions: I want to work in a field I love (writing) from a home that I love (which is currently an apartment outside of Asheville, NC), and I don’t want to be saddled with debt until I die. To that end, I’m on a journey toward a lifestyle of reasonable self-sufficiency. This journey is ongoing; that is to say, I do not have all the answers or have everything figured out! I love researching and writing about topics that I need to learn about on my own, like canning food and organizational tips. I learn just as much from writing my articles as I hope you do reading them.

I love books, creative writing, music, crochet, mountains, lakes, learning new things, naps, freshly baked bread, video games, and coffee. The more of those things I can have at one time, the better.

I was born in 1991, which makes me a mid-millennial by most metrics. I was raised around Columbus, OH. (“Go Bucks!” I cheer indulgently, even though I care neither for nor about football.) My husband is my high school sweetheart; we were married in 2010, when I was just 18, because we’re crazy. (“Crazy in love!” I say, grinning, into a chorus of groans.)

I earned an Associate of Arts from CSCC in 2014, and a Bachelor’s in English with a minor in history through the online program at UIS in 2016. We left Columbus in 2017 due to its unfortunate lack of mountains and lakes, and are thoroughly enjoying our new life in Asheville, NC. Our plans don’t include children, but they do include two terrible cats that we love to pieces, and will hopefully include a dog in mid-2018.

My life has been neither easy nor altogether happy, but I am not blind to the privilege of the financial comfort that I grew up in (nor the privilege of my race). I do my best to consider other backgrounds, but it would be impossible to consider every perspective or background in my articles. I apologize in advance my writing unintentionally excludes you; I welcome respectful feedback, and you are always free to email me with your perspective or comments.

So who am I? – I’m a young married woman writing from the perspective of the life I’ve had about the life I want, and I’m eternally thankful you’re here on this journey with me. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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