Hey! I’m Val.

I’m hopelessly idealistic, and my hero syndrome says all of my ideas are great & must be shared with everyone. One day I may have to confront reality, but for now I’m content running in circles and trying to be everything.


My teachers began praising the stories I wrote starting in grade four – so naturally, I decided to be an author.


Knowing everything the world has to offer is impossible. My husband constantly reminds me of this while I attempt to learn everything anyway.


I’ve been writing songs since I was 13. The songs I write these days are considerably less terrible.

Social Issues

I’m a feminist (read equality for everyone, not misandrist). Sometimes I rant about social issues I care about.


I’m pursuing the American dream of home ownership just like everyone else (although my dream house is probably half the size of yours and will include a few goats).

Crafts & DIY

A crochet hook is my weapon of choice, but crochet is just the largest chunk of my pie of craftiness.