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I’m pursuing the American dream of home ownership just like everyone else (although my dream house is probably half the size of yours and will include a few goats).
I don’t want to work until I’m 80 to pay off my mortgage and other debts. Instead, I’m planning for a life of reasonable self-sufficiency through a WNC Homestead. I’ll happily grow my own vegetables if it means I can retire at 50.

Intro to WNC Homesteading

Learn about what homesteading is and what this blog will focus on.

What is “Reasonable Self-Sufficiency” and Why Does it Matter?

I use the phrase reasonable self-sufficiency often to describe my homesteading goals. Learn what that means and how you can apply it to your life.

What is “Reasonable Self-Sufficiency” And Why Does It Matter?

I get it. Homesteaders are a little bit crazy, right? We seem like we want to regress into feudal-era societies, or be better off moving to Thailand. Our interests can venture a little too close to homeopathy and the kind of survival skills you'd be likely to find in...

7 Ways to Power Your Homestead (Homestead Power Series Intro)

I'm writing a different post on solar power in WNC right now, which I expect to be up soon, but in that post I found myself digressing a lot to talk about other forms of alternate energy and general tips on decreasing your energy usage. Energy is a very important...

Intro to WNC Homesteading

Welcome to my WNC Homesteading blog! I thought I’d take a moment to introduce who I am and provide some context about where this blog is going.