In May, I wrote about how I’m “still cooking,” and how this applied to my move to Asheville, NC. I can now ecstatically report that hubby and I made it safely to our new apartment. I’ve been crafting my wee fingers off in order to decorate our new, bigger space; see my Instagram for proof of this.

The morning after the Fourth of July, we woke up to a knock on the door. Our sweet neighbor informed us that our car had been hit the night before. Yup – welcome to your new home, friends – also a probably-drunk driver hit your car and didn’t leave a number, so enjoy your deductible payment and your rising insurance premiums despite the fact that the accident wasn’t your fault at all! 🙁

July was a tough month, because this is our only mode of transportation and it took three weeks of repairs and mixed messages before the body shop could fix the problem. So other than my back patio, I was trapped in my apartment for three weeks straight. For some people, this may have led to unprecedented creativity as they locked themselves in a room and consumed nothing but whisky, coffee, and the souls of characters they’d killed off during their 100-thousand-word writing spree. For me, however, I accomplished very little except binge-rewatching Parks and Rec and trying not to go crazy.

Luckily, we’re out of that mess now. There’s an amazing view from the food court of a mall not too far from our apartment, and a few nights ago hubby and I had a wonderful date where we went shopping, then sat at the food court and enjoyed a slushie and the view while writing together. I’ve been working on a romantic short story called Ella. So far it’s a bit slice-of-life, and while the trajectory of their relationship should be somewhat interesting, I’m still trying to figure out the point of the story, or why I think anyone should read it. Maybe that will come on the second draft.

In other writerly news, I’ve started using this great task management service called Asana. (I’m not affiliated with them in any way; I’m promoting them on my own accord.) You can create teams of people that work on a certain project (maybe a proofreader, editor, illustrator, publisher?), create different projects for your personal, day job, or writing lives, group tasks into sections/categories, create due dates and reminders, add sub-tasks… it basically lets you organize anything! It’s been a wonderful tool because I can play around with it and call the organization of tasks “working”, despite having accomplished few or none of the tasks. 😛 But in all seriousness, I’m hoping it will help me establish a routine for weekly blog articles on this and my other non-writing blogs, including a monthly update of what progress I’ve been making.

And speaking of that progress, I’m workshopping a new “Progress Tracker”; let me know what you think of it! 🙂 Until next time!

Progress Tracker

  • Redwood

    Short story, gothic

    Progress: 70%
  • Cornerstone

    Short story, romance

    Progress: 25%
  • Ella

    Short story, romance

    Progress: 10%
  • Bad Ending

    Video game script / coding / soundtrack, action/thriller, CYOA

    Progress: 7%
  • Mad

    Anthology-novel, biography-memoir

    Progress: 7%
  • Library 1

    Dystopian fantasy/sci-fi, novel trilogy, book 1

    Progress: 5%
  • Windstad

    Fanfiction, fantasy, novel

    Progress: 5%
  • How Do Adult

    Non-fiction self-help novel

    Progress: 2%
  • Muse

    Fantasy, novel

    Progress: 1%

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