It’s been nearly six months since I posted the Introduction to Me. Around that time, I was recording my own playthrough of Skyrim for fanfiction purposes in which I frequently addressed myself as “Future Me,” anticipating that whenever I watched them, I would be a fundamentally different person. I was sort of right, but even now I’m not quite finished yet. I’m “still cooking,” as it were.

My biggest project at the moment is that I’m moving to Asheville in just over three weeks. We traveled to AVL in March, looking for a roof to transition us out of Columbus and into a house. Instead, we found the apartment we didn’t know we needed – with a balcony, mountain views, a wood fireplace, and did I mention a balcony? It’s a beautiful complex and I can’t wait to live there.

But this move also means closing the door on 25 years in this city. Somehow I need to say goodbye not only to the people I’ve loved while I’ve lived here, but all the places I’d sneak off to when I was skipping band practice, all the apartment complexes I’ve lived in, all the little lakes and ponds I’ve swam in or waded across or picnicked beside, and all of my favorite restaurants for pizza and subs. It’s emotionally exhausting.

Besides packing up boxes of nostalgia and so many books, and besides expanding my business to include two employees, I’ve been trying to balance the biggest burst of creative energy I’ve had since High School. Here are the creative projects currently floating around in my brainspace:

  • That Skyrim fanfic
  • A video game script…
    • Plus an EP-style soundtrack…
    • Plus coding
  • A non-fiction book about adulthood (as though I’m equipped to speak on that)
  • A fiction novel, code name “Muse,” which will require years of research (more on that in a post to come)
  • A fiction trilogy, code name “Library”
  • Several short stories to edit and send off for publishing
  • Articles for several hobby blogs I run
  • Etc.

Of these, the one I’m the most energized about is #Muse, but there’s no way I’ll be equipped to start writing it soon. So I’ve been working on some of the shorter projects in the meantime.

Here’s my question to the writers reading this: how do you prioritize your creative pursuits in those rare moments when your Writer’s Levy breaks? Do you feel as though you work all the time on your writing but never actually accomplish anything? How do you keep your creative juices from drowning you?

I have several more blog entries I want to write on top of this, but I expect this may be my last one until June, when I bragpost about how much I don’t deserve my new apartment.

Have a great May! Write well and dream big.

(PS: After writing the first draft of this blog entry, while attempting to sleep, I had another idea for a romantic short story. Go figure.)

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