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Social Issues

Social Issues

I’m a feminist (read equality for everyone, not misandrist). Sometimes I rant about social issues I care about.
Keep in mind, though, that I know so little about anything that I paid money for a degree in English. You should rarely listen to my point of view.
How to Find “Wardrobe Basics” Cheaply and Ethically

How to Find “Wardrobe Basics” Cheaply and Ethically

Ever heard of the capsule wardrobe? It’s an idea coined by Susie Faux in the 1970s during a surge of minimalism, and referred to a wardrobe containing between 12-30 items total—usually neutral pieces and essential layers. But now that Pinterest has got its hands on...

Cultures are not museum pieces to be contemplated; they are lives of human beings to be lived. So it is inappropriate to romanticize any aspect of culture that is either misery and injustice or linked to misery and injustice. Thus, when Fre´de´rique Marglin romanticizes the lives of devadasis, child temple prostitutes, on the grounds that they preserve beautiful traditions of dance, this seems a misplaced nostalgic reaction that objectifies the misery that such girls suffer, taken from their families at a very young age and subjected to sex without consent.

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