My teachers began praising the stories I wrote starting in grade four – so naturally, I decided to be an author.
Depression is a bitch, and it convinced me for about ten years that I didn’t actually enjoy reading (or living). But I got an English degree anyway, and have a dozen different speculative fiction ideas in my head at any one time. I’ll write a book one day when I’ve caught up on all the reading I’ve missed.

Syllabus to the Knowledge of Everything (Updated 2018)

While I have a degree in English with a minor in history, I'm severely disappointed in my lack of knowledge of literature, language/linguistics, history, philosophy, religion, geography, astronomy... and basically everything else. I also have OCD tendencies and very...

Egyptian Pi(e) Day

You may know that Pi(e) day is celebrated on 3/14. It's a day commemorating the mathematical beauty of Pi (3.1415 etc) with the culinary beauty of Pie.  But today I learned that Ancient Egyptians, whose mathematical skills did not progress beyond the average U.S....

Cultures are not museum pieces to be contemplated; they are lives of human beings to be lived. So it is inappropriate to romanticize any aspect of culture that is either misery and injustice or linked to misery and injustice. Thus, when Fre´de´rique Marglin romanticizes the lives of devadasis, child temple prostitutes, on the grounds that they preserve beautiful traditions of dance, this seems a misplaced nostalgic reaction that objectifies the misery that such girls suffer, taken from their families at a very young age and subjected to sex without consent.

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New Blank, Unlabeled Maps of the World (Free Downloads)

Prior to today, I was using other sources for my blank maps of the world. That causes problems, because each source may not use the same scale or map projection, so the maps can't be compared against one another. So instead of relying on other maps, I've used a...

Do the histories of math and science matter?

If you've checked out my Syllabus, you may have noticed that I haven't covered the respective histories of math and science in this list. While I refer to this blog as learning "all the things," I question the value of math and science history taught to those that are...

Major Branches of Philosophy

This blog covers knowledge of the humanities, and one topic we'll cover eventually is philosophy. Recently, I was researching epistemology (philosophical study of knowledge) for a paper and came across this amazing resource: Source: College of Arts and Sciences @ the...

Review: Maps of Our World (iOS app)

To help my quest for geographical knowledge, I searched for geography apps, and the best one I found was Maps of Our World. (I own an iPhone, so I don't know if it's also available for androids.) In the free version, you can view a map of every continent, plus a world...


Hi! I'm Val Josephine, a speculative fiction author.


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